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Here is the most updated guide, the operations are missions where large-scale group you join with Republicans or Imperial allies to confront the most dangerous threats


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One of the Special Forces contracted and to service the empire not fail in his mission and always find their target

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14th Sep 2013
swtor guide - Appearance Designe News

SWTOR Guide – 50% off Appearance Designer for Ten days

Eric posted the news that Over the next ten days there will be a big sale on Appearance Design (Start: 11 AM CDT Friday, September 13th and End: 11 AM CDT...

12th Sep 2013 - Rise of the Hutt Cartel

Rise of the Hutt Cartel Available for Subscribers since September 12th!

Bioware anounced a good new for all active suscribers , they will receive the first digiatl expansion: Rise of the Hutt Cartel free of charge which will be available since...

11th Sep 2013 - SWTOR Warzones

SWTOR Guide – More SWTOR Warzone tips

In this video TheNarcicitizen gamer will share his strategies for SWTOR Warzones on Huttball and SWTOR Alderaan Warzones playing with commando Character, only in SWTOR Guide H. to see better...

09th Sep 2013
Czerka Corporate Labs Strategic Guide

SWTOR Guide – Hardmode Czerka Corporate Labs Strategic Guide

Today SWTOR Guide H present hardmode Czerka Corporate Labs flashpoint and Strateigic guide , all explanations and videos of boss mechanics, CZ-8X Eradicator Droid, Chief Zokar, Rasmus Blys . this new...

09th Sep 2013 - Cartel Market Guide

SWTOR Guide – The last Cartel Market Guide,items,armor,prices, tricks and more

In this article SWTOR Guide H will show you a review about the principal aspects of  Cartel Market, so in this cartel Market guide we will talk about intems, armors,...

07th Sep 2013 - Czerka Corporate Labs Guide

SWTOR Guide – A tactic video Czerka Corporate Labs Guide – Solo Mode

Today SWTOR Guide H share with you a tactic video where KINGOFTHELOOSER7 user explain us how play SWTOR Czerka Corporate Labs Flashpoint on Solo – Normal Mode in a Jedi...

07th Sep 2013 - Sandstorm Simulation Activated - Czerka Core Meltdown

SWTOR Guide – Hardmode Czerka Core Meltdown Strategic Guide

SWTOR Guide h will share some tips of that has give us for hardmode Czerka Core Meltdown flashpoint, now enjoy this videos of boss mechanics. this flashpoint was introduced...

07th Sep 2013
swtor patch notes PTS  2.4

SWTOR patch notes – PTS 2.4 Update 4

The newest patch notes + known issues form the Public test servers has launch. this GTN (Galactic Trade Network) upgrades is very good. SWTOR Guide H will show you the...