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SWTOR Guide – SWTOR CZ-198 Daily Area Guide

Today SWTOR GUIDE H , have compilated a small guide about  SWTOR CZ-198 Daily Area  . CZ-198 area is a small zoneswtor cz-198 area where you can easily complete most of the missions. Completing the missions gives you reputation, while new flashpoint’s daily grants you The Adjudicators reputation items. this new Czerka Daily zone entitled CZ-198 was launched with patch 2.3

Completing dally missions in the CZ-198 area earn you items that grant reputation with the CZ-198 reputation vendors, which are called Ordnance Acquisition Corps on the Empire side and The Adjudicators on the Republic side.

CZ-198 Daily missions give 8 730 – 10 476 credits, 2 basic commendations, 1 green reputation trophy (grants a small amount of reputation points)

To get to the new area and the vendors simply use the priority transport located outside of your ships hangar bay. Items run the gamut from a new pet to new armor sets, take a look below!

SWTOR Guide – Republic and Empire dallies



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SWTOR Guide – Video

Titans of Industry brings us this new daily quest hub, CZ-198 with four fairly quick quests and two new flashpoints. Backstory and vendor rewards are included in this preview.
thanks Adam Bohnert for the video

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