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After long time we returned to post, in this time swtor guide H will show you  a small guide to acquiring the Tauntaun mounts and locating the Taun Fawn nests released with SWTOR patch 2.3

SWTOR Guide – General Information

The vendor that sells the mount/questing items can be found right outside the Dorn base/ Aurek base. They will give you the tauntaun mounts in return for Tauntaun Domestication Data.

  • Movement speed depends on your speeder rank
  • Bind on legacy, no level requirements


You have two routes to obtain these Tauntaun Domestication data

1) Buying it directly from the vendor by buying the tauntaun domestication data they sell for 100k credits each (direct purchase)

2) Save some credits by buying Tauntaun Lures for 500 credits each and then get the tauntaun domestication data by yourself from various taun fawn nests (questing)

Mountain Tauntaun – 2 million credits  or 20 Tauntaun Domestication Data, here a demostrative video

Tundra Tauntaun – 1.5 million credits or 15 Tauntaun Domestication Data  (subscribers only)

SWTOR Guide – Here a video with more advices

SWTOR Guide – Questing aka Taun Fawn Nests locations

If you wish to save some money however, swtor guide H say that you can purchase the Tauntaun Lures for 500 credits each from the same mount vendor and then get the Tauntaun Domestication from Tauntaun nests instead of buying them from the vendor. You will need to use the lures on these Taun Fawns which have a high failure rate (~20% success chance) If you succeed, a wampa will spawn and killing/looting it will allow you to get 1 Tauntaun Domestication Data. .


These nests will also show up if you scan with your macrobinoculars.

Known locations for TaunFawn nests (use maps below)

-2486, -1381

-3480, -123

-2839, -123

-2281, 219

-1685, 927

-2766, 1567

You can switch instances to get these taun fawn nests at the same location. Cooldown timer on these Taun Fawns seems to be 25 minutes to 1 hr. 

Clabburn Tundra (3 locations)swtor-taun-fawn-nests-clabburn-tundra-map2Icefall Plains (2 locations)swtor-tauntaun-fawn-nests1

Whiterock Wastes (1 location)swtor-taun-fawn-nests-whiterock-wastes

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